Mini Spring

The back to homeschool routines have come and gone, the deer hunt is behind us (and our freezer is full!); we’ve come around to the idea of winter with last week’s freeze. With temperatures of -5 and a wind chill of -15, we had accepted that we may never see our hose again until the winter’s snow had melted. Those last carrots in the garden that we had hoped to cover and save for Christmas have spent the past week buried beneath a layer of icy snow, and family trips in the van have required some preheating. With the cold comes a feeling of closeness for our family. In this old farm-house, winters are warm when we spend it together, in front of the fire. Just as we’ve left our summer rhythms, we’ve also left behind some of our solitude, as we join each other in the living room at the end of the day, avoiding the chill that lingers in the far corners of our home. We pay attention to the movement of the sun, spending our mornings on the east side of our home and afternoons facing westward. Lucky for us, the afternoon sun leads us into our homeschool space, where we spend plenty of time crafting and creating. After all, what’s a year of ‘kindergarten’ without the experiences attached to scissors and glue and other odds and ends.pouring flowersflowers2

flower4 flower3And then Sunday happened. The snow left us as quickly as it came. The grass is back to  remind us that although this winter will be trying, spring will come again. And so we ventured outdoors, wound up that hose, covered those carrots, and attempted a lettuce transplant.

carrotsJust as quickly as it left, the snow and cold will find us again. For the remainder of the week, we will have green(ish) grass and moderate temps. We will continue to bring in those few things that we may have forgotten, hang our Christmas lights, and spend a little bit of time working on individual projects in our own corners of the home, while the warmth lasts.

witchesballUntil the snow flies,





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