Christmas Eve

On this fine Christmas Eve day we celebrate. We celebrate the young life of our five year old daughter. We celebrate the sleepless nights that lay in our past, we celebrate the fact that we’ve made it. We’ve laid the foundation of ‘those first five years”. We see her for who she is, all of her beauty, her creativity, her kind, nurturing self. We see it all. And while she enjoys a slice of birthday, chocolate quinoa cake  ( seriously, it’s amazing), we high five each other with a twinkle in our eyes, and we wish each other a happy birthing day, cause every parent knows, it’s not just about the kiddosshadowsdollyWild Flower’s birthday gift, made by mama. She named her “Wild Willow”. We partied this morning, our fifth birthday brunch; friends and family came and graciously gave something special for Flower to open. She thoughtfully examined each gift, something that gives me a little thrill. We’ve managed to avoid that unwrapping insanity. Her favourite gift from this morning, a chipmunk in a tutu card, and she’s been toting around her 5 candle, adding it to the top of all birthday snacks.  The innocence of 5. It excites me.
DSCN0053See that wee car? That’s us. The Hayswold’s family Christmas. Embarrassed teenage son..check! More about that next time.

How are you spending Christmas Eve….


Happy Christmas,



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