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I’m crawling out from our Christmas den, to sum up what’s been goin on chez this place. We followed the usual traditions that we’ve created since moving to this corner of the earth. Birthday brunch followed by an evening full of snacks, Santa tracking, shooing children off to bed and grownups filling our house full of Christmas magic. 
star ezraNormally Papa bear and I are awake until the wee hours of the morning, putting the finishing touches on our Christmas experience, but this year, this year we were on our best game. The wrapping was done, the birthday festivities out of the way, and when we climbed into bed beside our wee ones, we silently (so as not to ruin the magic) high fived it, before we slipped into Christmas Eve comas. farmhouseChristmas morning met us with happy children, coffee, and the company of Pa, PapaBear’s own PapaBear. The unwrapping occurred at a gentle pace, each of us allowing time to observe each other’s joy of both giving and receiving. We excitedly opened the gifts that Wild Flower had bought for us at the local ‘Santa shop’ event. some candles for Mama, a ball for Enee, a toy car for Eagle, and the most amazing tag for PapaBear’s backpack. After opening a few gifts, our youngest, Eagle, decided that he had simply had enough. “This one is for you!” we all tried to explain. “No”. He was adamant, so we followed his lead and left him to open at his own pace. There was a point where we watched as he used his little finger, shaped as a hook, to pick open a tiny gift for a ten minute interval. We tried our best not to rush him with our adult speed, but even grown ups can be antsy on Christmas morning.DSCN0192DSCN0194There it is…the ring she saw in the catalogue. She couldn’t believe that Santa brought it for her.DSCN0230Once the gifts were unwrapped and the bits of paper were ‘filed’, code for stashed in the wood stove, we filled our bellies with bacon and eggs and ventured outside to enjoy what Christmas had brought us, Spring of course!jeepNow, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a White Christmas kinda gal, but this year, being thirty and all, and a bit wiser than I was my previous green Christmases, I accepted her beauty in all her brownishness. I took our chickens some biscotti, since we haven’t eaten it in the two years its been in our pantry, and I watched them roll in the dust, scratching and pecking on this fine Christmas day. Might as well accept it, and now, as I write about this one full week later, it snows. Not just your average December snow, nope, because now it’s January, and just like she promises, it’s blizzarding. But back to Christmas joy…turkeyWe’ve spent an entire week feasting and relaxing with our house full of company. We’ve eaten until we can eat no more, and then we ate…some more. We’ve enjoyed movie marathons, short trips to the store together, and simple things around our home that we normally divide in order to conquer. I’m loving the togetherness. I love that last night we started the new calendar year celebration so early that staying up late for Wild Flower meant that after dancing and snacking and movie watching, 8:30 felt late. I love that it meant our house was quiet enough for Little Eagle to fall fast asleep quickly and that since Enee was with his mom, our house was quiet by 9. For the first time in over a week, it was just us. The lights were low, the tree was sparkling, the fire was glowing, the drinks were in our hands, sure mine was tea, but it was just us. This scene brings me back to our favourite Shrek clip…where Shrek and Fiona spend the day tirelessly caring for their kids, and when the children are finally sleeping, Shrek turns to his wife, raising his eyebrows says as suggestively as an ogre can, “so, what shall we do now”, with an immediate flash to the next scene of them laying across the bed, fully clothed and snoring loudly. There was no snoring, but our living room was cosy, the movies were bountiful, and since not one child woke up until after midnight, it wasn’t until then that we peeled our eyes from our movie and giggled that we’d missed the New Year.

Happy New Yearxo




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