February Days

We are in full- February swing, if only February had a swing, or even a sway. A nudge even. We are in full, no, not full. We are getting by in February. It’s cold. It’s snowy. We have cabin fever, and mama is feeling low on the creativity spectrum. I’ve begun half a dozen projects, and I haven’t finished one. The house hasn’t been entirely lost under unwashed laundry, so I’m pretending I’m okay with it. Hopefully I can fool myself. Here’s a glance at some of the things we’ve begun and will someday finish.quiltWildflower’s baby quilt, something I’ve been hoping to accomplish for quite some time now. It’s been a pleasure sorting through her baby clothes, bringing memories of her baby days alive and inviting her to ask more about what she was like five whole years ago. DSCN9617vdaycupcakesWildflower’s Valentine’s Day cupcakes with cinnamon hearts…Valentine nostalgia

janegoodall2A lesson in fierce women: Jane Goodall
janegoodallbuttons2Lil Eagle’s new endeavour: counting and sorting buttons.buttons
With choir practice today, geography club tomorrow, and birthday parties this weekend, we are able to appear to be motivated (we’re very very sneaky….sir), but Willow, she’s come down with an illness. She’s spent the evening resting by the fire being treated with Wildflower’s herbal treatments (there on her bedside table). Hopefully she will be in better spirits tomorrow; with the care that she is receiving, I have no doubts.willowsick

may warmth be with you,

HayMama xo

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