Just a Regular Day

After a busy week of new activities, appointments, and catching up with friends, it was refreshing to have a relatively boring day today. Here’s a boring ole peak…

A local homeschooling mom organized a Valentine exchange via snail mail, so we’ve been preoccupied with proper printing, with mom jumping in to somewhat legibly scrawl the addresses onto envelopes. All in all, it was an enjoyable activity for us, although, next time, like most of my holiday undertakings, we’ll begin sooner. writinglettersIn case you aren’t local, it’s been snowing and snowing and snowing. For the past seven days we’ve seen snow. Today we saw the sun for the first time since… I’m not sure when. We spread our snacks out on our blanket in front of the patio doors and sat in the sun for the short while it lasted. We merged into play dough, which was gifted to us at Christmas. I tucked it away during the holiday bustle for quiet these February afternoons. PlaydoughPlay dough and a handful of buttons allowed me to make dinner uninterrupted, almost.


Lucky for them, the fairies will be receiving a new home in our terrarium. More on that to come!sunnydayThank goodness for little rays of sun that peak through…

Hope there are many regular days in front of you!


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