Musical Monday

Music is a pretty important part of our lives here; it’s what brings us together before bed while we sing along to Papa Bear’s guitar playing. It’s how we clean the house. It’s how we measure time (let’s clean your room in just one song okay?). It’s how we handle car rides (6 songs, one news break and a commercial block to dance class). We have songs that mark milestones in our past, and some we’ve tucked away for future events. It’s what makes us smile on the inside.

Here it is, a Monday tradition. One song, something special or something just because.Something we have on repeat, or throw back with a great beat…

Two years ago tomorrow, our youngest member was born, so to celebrate his special day, I thought to post the most popular song on the day of his birth. Sometimes life has a sense of humour. Today as Lil E snuck his crisp twenty-dollar bill into his pocket (a gift from his Pa), we had a family giggle as we simultaneously sang that famous “$20 in ma pocket line” from a song we’ve heard too many times, which (insert drumroll) turns out to be the song that was at the top of the charts two years ago! I know right? Some may think there’s a deeper meaning to these kinds of coincidences, but I can’t seem to figure one out, other than the notion that a thrift shop could be in his immediate future (no surprises there).

DSCN9782 So, rather than link the tune we’ve all grown a weary of, I went searching for the same thing, only different. This little gem down below was my personal fav; it is the coolest one so far, but it contains the most profanity. Let’s over look it just this once shall we? So pull on your grownup socks, and send the kids to feed the chickens; it’ll probably only get them outta the room long enough for those of you who don’t actually have any chickens, and you may need to deal with their disappointment later, but here goes…



A heartfelt, little boy post coming soon,




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