Tree Business

I’ve been planning a post about our Solstice tree. You know, that Christmasy shrub that has was hauled out the door to be transitioned into garden mulch come spring? Remember this post about the Hayswold’s Family Christmas?


Definitely not Big Brother’s proudest moment.
xmastreeSee that right there? That was our tree this weekend, all three small tufts of it. It’s been this year’s measuring stick for snowfall (pervious years were measured by the tiny tot’s climber/slide, and Wildflower herself). Well, I can happily inform you, that as of today, I can see a whole branch of that tree, laying on her side. She really exists under all of that white stuff, and she’s beginning to shine through.

All tree business aside, check out this weather we’ve been having. outsidespring2Alright, so it looks like winter, but it doesn’t feel like winter.outsidespringYou can’t easily sit on the front porch and have lunch during a Canadian winter,teaor leisurely drink tea outside.
snowman1Even the snowmen are cowering.

It’s really happening. Spring is just around the corner….





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