Simplicity and Lessons

As I sat by the sliding patio door tonight, I looked out over our corner of the earth. I watched as Lil E ran across the grass towards his big sister, bouncing gleefully on the trampoline, with the glow of the setting sun lighting up their golden hair. Watching them in this simple moment, I felt a burst of energy that I needed to tap into, so I set down the basket of laundry I was folding and leapt to my laptop to type out my inspirations while they were so prominent in my mind. The sun, renewing my spirit, the house quiet, the kids happy, I held the tips of my fingers over the keyboard, and just as I set my hands to work, Wee E made a run for it, by run, I mean swift walk in the direction of trouble. Papa Bear’s Shop, his truck, or the chicken coop, we never quite figured out the story, Wildflower and I, and it took some persuasion on both of our parts to lure him back to the house. Actually, what it took was talking Mama into joining him on the trampoline, where we laughed and played for at least thirty minutes. He showed me his ‘back ffflps’ which translates to flips and look something along the lines of three bounces and a backwards jump landing on his knees. He and his big sister took turns showing me their tricks they’ve been working on, and then we lay there together, on our backs, looking up at the geese flying south, yes south, talking about how blue the sky was. We giggled as we bounced together on our backs, feet and arms in the air, all three of us, and then we watched the sun sink in behind the tree line, feeling it’s warmth on our cold bodies. There together, we all said thank you, out loud, as though it could hear us. Thank you Father Sun for this day. Hearing both of the kids repeat this out loud was the moment that I appreciated the most. We took deep belly breaths, and Lil Eagle whispered in my ear “I doed it too mama”. I’m so glad I set the laptop down….



I hope you can take the opportunity to revel in a moment of simplicity today.



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