Homeschooling Adventures: Upper Canada Village

Frequently I am asked about our reasons for homeschooling, and it seems I am never able to deliver the right message, the real juice behind why homeschooling suits us. I tend to ramble on about how disappointing the experience has been with BigBrother’s schooling years, about the lack of emphasis on the foundational skills such as handwriting and spelling, not to mention the fact that children are essentially, raising themselves while they are away from their parents for the majority of their young lives.  People tend to nod, half interested, hardly convinced. I’m not interested in standing on my soapbox because I know the decision isn’t everyone’s brand. (We’re a seventh generation laundry soap kinda famjam while others prefer Tide; and ya know what? I think if we all used the same kind, no one would notice how delicious their soap smelled, cause everyone would be wearin it.) Someday, perhaps the next time I’m asked, I might just tell people some of the real reasons we choose to bypass traditional education.

Cue photos of awesomely fun times:
uppercanadavillagefunWho doesn’t want to spend their days with friends, despite their ages? Who doesn’t want to learn from real life experiences, using all of our powerful senses? uppercanadavillage3Learning to work together, respecting each other’s individual skills, is something that children need help with, and who better for the job than a person who she deeply respects. It could be a parent or a carefully selected individual. We can see all around us that children need someone to orbit around, and if we don’t help them choose those people, they WILL find ’em themselves, whether we think it’s best or not.uppercanadavillage2Sibling relationships, although not always amicable, are valuable. uppercanadavillage4

How about just being outside?Uppercanadavillage

How about having the freedom to grow and learn in the direction that best suits your family? How about saying to your kids ” Get your stuff on we’re going out”. And then you just…do.

The opportunity to learn is everywhere…just waiting for you to drink it up!


Happy learning, happy living,


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