Musical Monday

Music is a pretty important part of our lives here; it’s what brings us together before bed while we sing along to Papa Bear’s guitar playing. It’s how we clean the house. It’s how we measure time (let’s clean your room in just one song okay?). It’s how we handle car rides (6 songs, one news break and a commercial block to dance class). We have songs that mark milestones in our past, and some we’ve tucked away for future events. It’s what makes us smile on the inside.

Throw back to 2002. Where would you have found me? The bottom bunk, in a teensy cabin full of female camp counsellors, the place where I met my best gal. Sigh. What did we do while we hid from the campers you ask? Listen to Nora and eat snacks…..same thing I do as a grown up when I need a quick breather.


Happy listening,



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