The Beach and Bathroom Hideouts

Yesterday was the kinda day when we decided to leave it all behind, the mess, the dishes, the unfinished paperwork, and the hunt for the best topsoil price. We packed up our picnic basket with some fruit salad, water, and iced coffee for Mama, and headed straight for the place that no other Canadian would ever dare to go this time of year– the beach. beach1
We took turns holding our wings out like birds, until we almost blew away. The wind was incredibly powerful, so much that we couldn’t hear each other unless we shouted. More than once, we were chasing after our belongings, and of course, we never once set foot in the water. beach5beach3beach4We left sun kissed and refreshed. I could be the kind of blogger who tells you that I returned home to the mess and calmly put it all away. The kids ate all their vegetables, and I sent them off to bed with no complaints, but then you’d either think I’m lying, or you’d wonder why your children don’t do the same, and since I’m not out to do either, I’ll tell you what actually happened…

It’s 9pm, dishes are still scattered as well as a plethora of building blocks, clothing, and shoes that no one ever seems to leave by the doorway. Big Brother is still grumbling about, and Wild Flower has stumbled out of bed to go to the bathroom just this once’ and Lil Eagle, well, he’s been asleep for an hour and is now awake, yelling at me to “SNUGGLE”, the way he has all.day. PapaBear? He’s just finished showering off his day, feeling a bit more calm than I, so I jokingly run into the bathroom and slam the door, telling him to saaaave me. We sit down in the teensy space, him on the toilet seat, myself on the step stool, and sigh. I ramble through all of the frustrations I’m feeling, and he listens. And then we giggle. “Isn’t it funny that we live on eight acres with four out buildings and a great house, and here we sit in this tiny bathroom”. It’s as though he read my mind. “Hiding?” I add in. When we emerged, WildFlower was quietly reading in bed, Big Brother had Lil Bro snuggled on the couch and was waiting for us so he could head off to bed, himself, and when I woke up this morning? The mess was still here. Who knows…maybe we’ll head to the beach.beach2




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