Here comes summer

Sometimes I find it difficult to write; it’s generally during the times when our life is busier than usual. Typically, busyness of the body means that my mind is fairly empty. It’s not until I crawl into bed at night that my thoughts and feelings come rushing in. In order to be successful at calmly pulling off several tasks with my own two hands, sometimes those thoughts become whispers.woodpile

Since the late spring is generally the only sensible time to get the physical work done in our Canadian climate, time is of the essence. We have reached the point when the mosquitoes, although still in existence, are no longer mammoth sized nor swarming us constantly. The weather is warm, but not sweltering, and the humidity is only occasional, at the moment. Now is the time to accomplish the majority of the sweating around here. Having been in our home for two summers already, the realistic goals have been set, and I dare say, we are attacking the list with ferocity. woodstacking

As the dog days of summer approach, I can expect to be in the space a bit more than I have been…poolsideUntil then…summernights




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