The Eclectic Gypsy: Festival #1

It’s day three since we’ve arrived home from our first-ever family vacation. Where some families would have rolled back into their previous lives just fine, packing in their camping gear at noon on check out day, going home to arrange everything back into order and head off to work the following day, well, that’s not us. By the time we packed in our tent trailer, tent, and all our crap, and took the kids for one last swim on the beach, the sun was setting, and when we finally climbed into the vans and checked the clock for the first time in five days, we realized it was 8:00pm. Lucky for me the boys took Monday off of work, so we eased ourselves slowly back to reality. And now here I am, Wednesday morning, still coming to terms with reality, here in my bed with coffee (it’s 10am). I could get up and unpack the piles of junk marking our home with signs of last week’s trip, or, I could write about it. (There’s only one catch. The photos, they’re few and far between, as in, I don’t have any. Sure I arrived at the campground with camera in hand, but alas, since this gal is new to me, I forgot her battery, plugged into the island in the kitchen. It turns out that any photos wouldn’t have done the trip justice anyways, since there are just some things that can’t be captured, no matter how spectacular one’s photography skills may be.)

Papa Bear and I set up shop for the first time this past week. Our living quarters were set up for camping and in front of our tenting, we set up our very own handcrafted items and various treasures that we’ve managed to collect on our travels. We’ve named ourselves The Eclectic Gypsy, given ourselves a slogan — righteous treasure for the travelling soul, and that’s it folks. We’re open for business. Good news for everyone here, our shop will be opening up in this space very soon, as soon as I figure out how to set it up, that is. We received a positive response from the small crowd at the festival we attended, but we also learned a lot about some aspects of our treasury that we plan to change in the future. loveislove

Just one of the hand painted signs I made for last week’s festival, a place where everyone was not only accepted, but celebrated. And there was music, all day long, and drumming at night accompanied by dancing to the beat of one’s own drum, wearing whatever one chooses to decorate one’s self with. How the world should be, really.





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