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    Turn of the Season

    IMG_2088We can feel the inevitable change. No matter how hard we cling to the freedom that summer has brought us, the nights are growing cooler, and the leaves are beginning to turn from a rich, velvety green, to the beautiful, bold colours of autumn. Already we’ve begun to turn our energy inwards, not because it hasn’t been warm enough, although we can sense a change in temperature, but because this is the time of year when our most important work is accomplished. IMG_2091_2 IMG_2090 IMG_2104_2Herbs are being collected for the winter’s teas and medicines, and the apothecary is being purged of herbs that have lived out their lives, offering us confidence just by being there, should they be required. Wildflower and I have gathered them together in a crock where they will wait to be gifted back to mother earth in the form of incense at one of our family campfires, possibly the only one we’ll have at home after a summer of roaming. This serves to remind us to be grateful to all that She has to offer us; that these gifts have been in our cabinet on loan.tomato IMG_2089 peachesThe harvest is gradually being pulled indoors. Bit by bit we’ll turn our summer’s bounty into treats to be stacked into the pantry. This week we have peach (sadly the peaches are not from this land) and rhubarb jam, roasted tomato sauce, dilled beans and carrots, as well as some good ole pickles, which Lil Eagle will proudly proclaim that he grew these dragon cucumbers in his OWN big garden, a 2×2 patch that I am certain must look fairly big to a two-year-old. cuttingwoodThe last minute wood cutting, splitting, and stacking is happening, in the usual panicked approach that we swear we’ll avoid each year, and papa bear is feeling as though he is being pulled in one thousand different directions between his day job, family, winter prep, van repairs, workshop reorganizing, chicken run building (did you catch that one honey?), and prep for our next event, selling our goodies at a local orchard. I’m not quite sure how he keeps it all together, but he always manages to provide us warmth and food, in addition to his creativity and love. schoolWe’ve felt the pull back to desk work, even Lil E is ready this year to have ‘cool ‘. With his own notebook under arm, he is forever scribbling down little pictures and passing around sticky notes as ‘tickets’ to the rest of the family, the way his big sister has in previous seasons. We are beginning to fall back into a routine in order to provide enough time each day for structured learning, home care, and free creative play, even for mamas.

    (insert cool picture of me relaxing, coffee and a good book in hand…which doesn’t exist.)

    turkeybabyAnd finally, today’s project. Reorganizing the coop to make proper homes for the new turkeys as well as the chickens being raised for this year’s pastured poultry. It’s our duty to give them the best lives we can; it’s the least we can do for the gift that they will give us.IMG_2077


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    It’s all up from here…

    minitreesThis season has been a roller coaster ride for us, in the direction of up, and with every milestone we pass, we pick up the potential for another long-time dream-come-true along the way. It’s been incredible, really. Everything we’ve ever dreamed of for ourselves is making its way into our lives, all at once, very quickly, and frankly, although I’m reminding myself to be open and grateful, I’m also trying not to dig my heels in with terror. From our home-life to our home itself, to Big Brother’s decision to school from home, to reuniting with friends, to building our business bit by bit. It’s ALL coming together. How did this happen?minitrees2Sometimes I just say “I’m so lucky”, and although I think I am lucky (to be born into a first world country, to be healthy, to have access to basic health care needs, to have ‘endless’ (I use that word lightly) clean water that I can regulate by turning the tap to hot or cold…), but sometimes I am aware that things are happening because my heart is open, and I am accepting. I tread carefully while I say these things so as not to fall into the category of pretentious white girl, so sum it all up, there is a certain amount of luck that has brought me here, and because I choose to see how wonderful my life is, I can see my cup as constantly being filled rather than not full enough. Perhaps it would have been easier for me to say that it’s mostly just…perspective?minitrees3Once I was made aware of the restraints of a mono-theistic mindset, once I stopped taking on other people’s problems in a physical way, and once I learned to pinpoint those who take my energy rather than working with it, I started feeling more at peace, less lonely, and happier to just be. 

    We never stop learning do we? Although sometimes I can’t help but think that what I’m doing is unlearning.

    Who knew the door has been open all this time; I’ve just stumbled out and the view is lovely…. IMG_2009_2Papa Bear’s fairy doors…no two alike!