After The Work

I couldn’t be more pleased to be finished with November. It seems that every year, I expect it to be much more exciting than it ends up being. I expect a glorious seasonal shift, but instead there is generally just brown. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m the kinda girl who, when given the choice of pink and brown, would choose brown, but when you shove it in my face waving it to and fro, being all “brown is great!”, I’m no longer interested.) In November, I, generally, expect festive holiday preparation, and instead I carefully tip toe around those who may accuse me of prematurely spreading holiday cheer ( gasp!). There is nothing like the first of December– a day which allows those eager holiday beavers to shout to the world “it’s here!” I can wave my sparkle-Yuletide-creativity freak flag in the air without apology, and in about a week’s time, I can begin wishing folks a Merry Christmas….and don’t think that I won’t. christmas2015 November is the transitional season, where we move from outdoors to in, where we move from outside ourselves to inside, where we reflect on the bits that have served us, and we sort out the changes we’d like to implement with the coming light of the solstice. It seems that every year, I glorify this process, as I so often do, adding bits of golden glimmer to the memories, and then with the coming of brown, I remember that it’s just…hard. Both the physical and emotional work of November is exhausting. barn.1We’re down to the end of our fire-burning- wood- work for the year. We’re just schlepping the last of it into the woodshed, a task that is tedious,back breaking, but ever important, as we prepare to avoid digging our wood from the snow banks in January, as Papa Bear so vividly explains it.barn.3 On an inner level, we’re also tossing boxes into heaps. They’re all marked in bold with sharpie…some in colourful rainbow and others marked in big angry strokes .. ‘things I’ll actually never accomplish’, ‘things about me that are super annoying’, and at the same time, we’re making peace with the ones labelled ‘things I haven’t quite finished sorting through yet’…or at least we’re trying. We have lots of winter left to work through those.barn.7Where are we now that it’s December? Well, we’ve officially begun to pay for our home (yay?), I’m sewing like a mad woman, we’re planning our baking schedule, we’re decorating with grapevines, grapevines, grapevines, and trying to reignite the creative spirit in everyone…it always comes after the work is done….barn.4barn.5barn.6




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