In a Moon’s Time

Life has been slowly rolling back to normal, these past two weeks. The tree has lived out its needly life and has just been packed away; we were bold enough to leave out the twinkly lights and grapevine arches around the doors, and we’ve been packin’ it in early each night after a warm dinner that we’ve shared around our family table. We’ve tried to start the year off right, giving us lots of room to slack off as the year progresses. There have been new additions to our family, new toys, clothes, and of course, Big Brother’s dog Kamo, but as the universe would have it, where newness comes in, we make room by sending old energy out. This year, pardon my melodrama, but my macbook has seen better days, and she, as I’ve decided she’s female, is headed into the shop to hopefully be saved, and so here is my little post, written on this foreign device, to tell the world, whomever is listening, that I’ve been gone, and I’ll be back. Hopefully, I’ll be back in less than a moon’s time.




an artiste (pronounced with an 'eeste') tackling a multitude of works, mother raising three kiddos, lover of books, seeker of knowledge, consumer of great coffee, follower of nature, lover and friend to my one and only...


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