Homeschool Update

We’ve spent the long winter days indoors, focusing on our studies, which at the tender ages of 6 and almost thlee, means a lot of stuff that could actually be mistaken for fun. Anyone who knows me at all will attest to the fact that I’ve always struggled with creating and following a structure, so it only seems fitting that this chapter of my life should be centred around just that. Doesn’t it always seem as though the lessons that take the longest for us to learn resurface until we face them? Since this is something I really have to focus on, I can only hope that the results will have some longevity to them. For now, here’s a peak at some of the tasks we’ve been up to, nothing complicated or tricky, but proof that it’s happening, nonetheless. homeschool8math with manipulative and stickershomeschool4homeschool1beading necklaces
homeschool2project based on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We spoke about the character traits of Edmund, and then we made a rainbow of Wildflower’s character traits.

a bin of treasures to trace

homeschool5watercolour painting, monster trucks, of course homeschool7converting measurement from imperial to metric, and yes, those are squashIMG_3067
and the new favourite pastime, colouring everything black


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