This Weekend

I’ve officially done it. After weeks of procrastinating, planning the upstairs re-do, complaining that I don’t want to do it, I finally lost my marbles and tore apart the kitchen. Well, what can I say? Something needed to be reorganized, so why not begin with an entirely different room of the house. I didn’t just wipe out the cupboards and line up the half-filled jars of peas and beans, nope, cause that’s not how I roll. Actually, I decided to paint the inside of the pantry. Why? Cause this gal likes to use what she’s got, and since what I’ve got is not 6 rolls of the same shelf paper, I busted out the can of Cuban Cigar, paint that is, and I plastered those scratched cupboards with some milk-chocolaty brown. When I crawled out of bed this morning and stumbled into the kitchen like a cyclops, you know, with one eye open, I was reminded, that once again, I’ll be spending the day trying to bring some kind of order to my generally disorganized kitchen. Saturday will be followed by a day of schoolroom organization (insert crying mommy), and if all goes as planned,Sunday will be filled with a lot of coffee drinking and planning how to begin the upstairs redo….I love me a good circular plot.

We hope you have a lovely weekend
Happy Wintering,


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