Today I Said “Yes”

Just so we’re clear, this is not a political post, not this one anyways. 

Sometimes I say “no” to adventure. Sometimes it’s because I’m tired and I’m learning to honour my body and its quiet messages. Sometimes it’s because I know our kids will benefit from the chance to stay home, and sometimes, I say “no” because it’s easier..but that’s another post because today wasn’t one of those days…


Today we hopped into the van and turned left into the world of flashing cameras and publicity. It helps that there were free cheese samples and ice cream to cool our tired, impatient selves…Oh…and blurry photo ops with the Prime Minister…..




Homeschooling rocks.





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  • Shell

    I don’t know much about the prime minister (except the obvious things, like… he’s pretty.) and I am a complete intruder in your country but I hope I can cooperate to keep it great =)
    I remember reading your blog before I moved here and dreaming about having this life. I love how inspirational you, your family and your photos have been to us.
    So, thank you!

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