Not Back To School

I very abruptly felt the smoothness of our summer fade away.

The first day of not back to school slapped me in the face harder than I would have liked or expected.Maybe it was the end I put to the trips to town for double scoops of ice cream, or it could have been the heat that took the place of fall’s romance. I suspect the residual sludge left over from my own days of going back to school combined with our teenager completing his final year of high school might also have something to do with our life moving back into the busy lane.

Whatever the combination, I’m not sure I’m ready for it.

So I’m constructing this post out of the bits of beauty I’ve been soaking up when I take the time to notice them…the breaths that get me through the days when I’m so tired my eyes ache and my patience dwindle… I’m working on it.food rainbows

handmade soap from my best girl friend…a stolen momentmini fashionista colours on the lineand a teeny tiny faery wing….





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