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    Life is slowing down here, after a busy season working on an outside project. It’s been a long time since I pursued something that wasn’t related to the five most important people in my life. It felt good to be appreciated the way my daily coworkers are unable to appreciate me, since they are, after all, still children, figuring out how to navigate their own worlds, not realizing that mama and daddy are just two exhausted big kids wondering what they,too, might become when they grow up.

    As the season slows to a wintery pace, the earth brown and barren, the fields finally stripped of the corn after a long and soggy fall, I’m feeling called to turn inwards, to reflect and dream of who I might grow into this coming year, reminding myself to love the past versions of me, despite my habit of harsh criticism.

    I feel pulled towards creating joy-filled experiences in our home each day, if not for them, for me. These are the moments I’ve waited for my whole life, the moments when we have a brood all our own to raise and inspire. So I’m taking note of their cues, trying to hear my own, and mixing them up into something that works for everyone.

    Here’s a taste of what we’ve been up to this fall…..keep in mind, I don’t photograph the meltdowns or the baby- poopsplosions, just a small snippet of some of the joyous moments we’ve shared together these past few months17!!! I’m a step- mama to a young man of 17, while nursing a young boy of 11 months. What an adventure this life has in store for me.

    Talk soon,

    Mama of Hays