February feels a lot like January, only with a constant stream of snow. We’ve long since passed the romance of winter, and we often find ourselves dreaming of beach days and popsicles. But I’m not a fan of wishing time away, so we’re trying to get into the groove of our Canadian winter.
My motto this week: Exercise, Enjoy Nature, Love Myself, Repeat.

So far, I’ve combined steps one and two, since the yoga on the living room floor was less than relaxing with a dog and a baby climbing all over my Qi. In fact, Moonchild even managed to smash his head on the ground when he gallantly jumped his feet forward out of downward dog and into mountain pose.

Luckily, our wee one has become enthralled with falling snow, and points to the outdoors with a look of wonder across his face. “No!” he calls it. Tucked into his sled, the kids fight over who will pull him first. Back and forth, up and down the lane we’ll stroll until his little cheeks are pink with a wintery glow. Tonight, while snow fell quietly all around us, and the kids had run off to explore ‘the biggest icicle ever!’, little brother snuck his hand out from under his blanket and was pointing in amazement at the tiniest little snowflake on his lap. Together we examined the millions of miraculous crystals, something I might not had taken the time for, had I not given a few minutes for our little one to take the lead..a lesson that motherhood is always teaching me…


     Hay Mama

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