Spring Rhythm and Footless Tights

Parenthood has welcomed me into a rhythm that circles ’round year after year rather than an endless meridian stretching farther than the eye can see. There are some rituals that are inevitable. We’ll celebrate birthdays and we’ll call in the new year, but thankfully, I’ve chosen a partner who agrees that doing things the seem way, year after year is just plain ole boring.

I’ve never been one for routine, but I melted quickly into rhythm, which, I suppose does make sense, being a dancer. I like the predictability that choreography brings, while I also enjoy forms of dance that allow for fluidity and interpretation. Although ballet has always whispered to me, I’ve never been excellent at listening in return to all of her rules. Instead I’m all eye rolls and whatevers….I’m a contemporary girl. I live my life in the same footless tights. I like fluidity and ease.

So as spring is unfolding before our eyes, once again we find ourselves venturing out of doors, seeking the smallest signs that it’s really on its way. As in years past, we’ve begun to seek more opportunities to fill our days with breaths of fresh air, doors open wide while the fire roars away, and talk of nature journals is bubbling in our home. A sure sign that the season is upon us.

This is me, welcoming the traditions of spring without following the same schedule we followed last year. As our family has grown, we’ve let go of traditional Easter demands, and we’ve floated into our own celebration of new life. Some may take the time to call it Ostara, but we’re less focused on its name. This year’s seasonal change was kicked off by Moonchild’s birthday…He turned 5 this past March, and we kicked off his party with a bunny celebration by request.The ears are curtesy of his sister.


We’ve been finding joy in treasures left from last year…

and in being in the sunshine together…and the snow…again…still..

continuing our yearly bird study…a little more in depth each timeand tea parties…they’re a staple…

Ultimately, we’re following what sparks life in us…Easter at it’s core.


until next time



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