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DSCN9113Remember…as far as anyone knows, we’re a nice, normal family, you know, if normal means original and unique.

Ontario, Canada, with its frigid, knee-deep snowy winters, and its steamy, hot- shower summers is home. Our home has been home to many family members before us; our home as witnessed the birth of my grandfather and his sisters, it has embraced their children, and now it is on this corner of the earth where our children are being raised, where our youngest were born. This is a place where our roots run deep and our branches stretch out tall. This is a place that sounds the way my childhood sounded. I can still remember what it felt like when we moved in and my soul took a big ole sigh. This is the place where we can create. Where we can be connected to the earth. Where we can step away from the rushing, whirring world and keep close to our family values of simplicity and togetherness.

Mama Bear, that’s me, is in charge of the home base. When I’m not preparing healthy, homemade foods for the fam jam, cleaning up, or trying to recruit kiddos to clean up, I’m prepping fun and not-so-fun morning lessons for the kids, sewing, writing, gardening, creating, and drinking tea with babe in arms or teaching dance at the local community centre.

PapaBear aka Griz is our bread winner. He sacrifices his own valuable time and immerses himself in his work, tirelessly providing for our family whether it be at his 9-5 or in the endless chores that keep our homestead moving along. What makes Papa tick? Well, makin somethin outta nothin makes him pretty pleased. As a mixed media artist, he uses everything and anything, mostly recycled pieces and turns them into something inspiring. 

Enee Hay, (coined by his baby bro) is the big brother of the fam. Son to Papa, and Step-son to Mama, he is kind-hearted, artsy, and nothing short of hilarious. He keeps us laughing during trying times, and generally, just keeps us on our toes, since, of course, he is 16. Although he’s a tremendous help around the home, he’s quite content to let us know he doesn’t always enjoy his chores. He does, however, enjoy painting, music in general (mostly the loud kind), Parkour, Greek Mythology, history, and luxury vehicles.
is a free-spirited, barefoot beauty. Born Christmas Eve, this 7 year old can be found harvesting herbs, building faery palaces, creating, or helping Mama to keep everyone in ‘order’. She is a thoughtful, mystical young lady, who fits in nicely with a house full of boys.

Little Brother is the 2nd youngest of the crew. At 4, he is a quiet little boy who doesn’t let anything go unnoticed. His careful eye to detail makes him a quick learn new skills to share with Griz in his shop.

BabyBrother is our youngest…the one who completes our tribe at 4 children. He’s a happy, snuggly little person who never runs short of attention. 

And lastly….there’s Kevin. Kevin Bacon. There’s not much to say about him, since, we’ll, he doesn’t listen much. 


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