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    Nourishing Hot Cocoa………..a recipe and story

    As previously mentioned here, we enjoy a first- snow- of- the -season- hot- chocolate tradition in our home. It dates back to Big Brother’s childhood nights, almost 10 years ago.

    It was December. It was days before Christmas, and it was finally snowing!  We had tucked our 10 year old into bed hours ago, and being the excellent sleeper that he has always been, he was more than likely, sleeping soundly.

    I’ve always held a special love for the Christmas season and the romance that a first snow brings (perhaps because my future self would have two Christmas babies!) So when those fat, white chunks fell from the sky, and the brown earth slipped away under the floof, I ran into his bedroom, summoning E from under his warm, horse-print sheets and dragged him out to enjoy the late-night snowfall.

    “Come on!” I shouted out the front door that was reserved for the kind of company that didn’t know us well. I ran and jumped through the snow, feeling so grateful for the opportunity to feel childlike again.

    Of course, having been woken from his slumber, the child stood in the doorway beside his father, staring. They muttered things like “well, she’s lost it”, and “what the?” 

    Eventually, I was cold and wet enough to come indoors, only slightly disappointed that no one shared my joy. As he turned to head back to bed, I asked Big Brother the 4 magical words that seem to have stuck over the years… want some hot chocolate? And just like that, a tradition was born.

    I’m sure at this point, I pulled down some sort of ‘Nestle’ crap in a tub, boiled water and mixed the marshmallows- included powder together, but it was the beginning…

    We’re 4 kids into this tradition now, and everyone seems to enjoy it. Here’s the recipe I’ve perfected over the years…

    Nourishing Hot Cocoa
    Prep Time
    5 mins
    Cook Time
    5 mins
    Total Time
    10 mins
    Course: Drinks
    Author: hay mama
    • 2 cups Milk of Choice I’ve used 2%, cashew milk, or even heavy cream
    • 4 tbsp Fairly Traded Cocoa Powder
    • 1 tbsp Organic Collagen optional for added protein
    • 1 tbsp Raw Honey or Coconut Sugar or to taste
    • 1 tsp Salted Butter
    • 1 tsp vanilla extract
    • .5 tsp cinnamon
    1. Combine ingredients and heat slowly, whisking always. 

      Be careful not to overheat. This is most important if you are using raw honey and wish to preserve the beneficial bacteria.( If you enjoy your drink extremely hot, save your honey on a spoon to dip and stir as your beverage cools.)

      Once heated, pop into blender for 30 seconds to create a yummy frothy texture.

      Add optional whipped cream topping. 

      Enjoy with garnishes such as chocolate curls, coconut, sprinkles etc.




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    Untouched Photos From Our First Fall Snow

    It’s that time of year again, that time of year when I, the mother/adult/grownup of the family, screeches to the world or anyone who’s listening “it’s snowing!”, even after just a few flakes are sprinkled from the heavens. And so, as tradition would have it, we celebrate the first snow with hot chocolate, the way we did many years ago when Big Brother was small, and every year since. Every year since that snow when I woke him at midnight to dance, much to his dismay, across our front yard, on our corner lot, in town. Ahhhh nostalgia.
    IMG_2425IMG_2426IMG_2419IMG_2427IMG_2433IMG_2442IMG_2443IMG_2444IMG_2445IMG_2446IMG_2450IMG_2451Ya see that?IMG_2452Right there!IMG_2457 Here’s when it really kicked in…sure it was short-lived, but we, and by we I mean me,  eagerly anticipate those first few flakes, and we take all attempts seriously. Check out that white haze; I swear it’s snow.
    IMG_2458Sadly, big brother was off at his mom’s when it snowed, but I my heart was quite pleased when he came home and asked if we had celebrated with hot chocolate. “I’m sorry dude, we had to; it’s tradition!” But we agreed that we would follow-up the first-snow festivities with the sequel on the second snow this year, the one that happens while we are all present, since one can never really have too much hot chocolate…or too many first snows.